(Temporary) Goodbye ;
Friday, September 7, 20078:23 AM

I decided to make this post because there's a big chance for me to go on a hiatus for a while. The reason for doing so isn't much and I don't think that it's worth posting it here. If I don't post about anything interesting, or at least something that I found/find interesting after a few days, then that means that I won't be posting any entries for a while.

Moving on...

We didn't have a regular Geometry class this morning. Ma'am Yu-Hico gave us the period to practice the cheer for the cheerdance. At first, we sounded dead because we really didn't take it seriously. Ma'am then threatened to give us a low (possibly failing) grade for participation in Geometry. This really shook us all and we cheered as LOUD as we possibly could. Ma'am was happy after that and we were dismissed afterwards.

Social Science was well...like any other Social Science class. Ma'am Ynigo helped me calm down a little by telling us that the quiz is still on the next meeting. She also let us listen to "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel to help us get an idea of what we're going to do for our project (music video about the religions [It seems like a fun project, but I really have no experience with this sort of project. X_x]).

Ma'am Aguila told us that today is our last meeting in the seminar room. NOO!!! Air-con! *sobs*

I was sleepy during Computer Science...as usual. X_x

We also met the new Chemistry teacher. He seems nice. (To those who want Ma'am Velasco back: Let's all give him a chance, OK?)

After that, we practiced for the speech choir and a bit for the katutubong sayaw. We (Champaca) still need to improve otherwise we'll be the laughing stock among the eight sections. T_T

Well, that's basically everything for today. The next post might be a few months away. :D

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F-U-N ;
Wednesday, September 5, 20073:52 AM

Today was F-U-N! No requirements had to be given today (the Bio quiz and homework can still be returned to Ma'am Dacs tomorrow) and there were no classes.^_^

First part of the day was the mass. I sang in the choir. :P

Talent show was fun. The performances were awesome. The teachers have normal lives pala can dance. I'm glad that I was seated in the front so I got a good view of all the performances. The only sad part was the fact that Jejo kept on screaming (high-pitched screams) during the dance performances of the teachers. I believe I am now partially deaf in my right ear.

We had practice for the speech choir after the talent show. People weren't exactly in a good mood and I personally wanted practice to end ASAP. It's a good thing TJ dismissed us early.

I agree with Marxlen (Just click the link to his blog in my blogroll. :D). Today was a fine day, except for the last part.

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Tagged... ;
Saturday, September 1, 20079:19 AM

Jejo, who was tagged by Rita, tagged me a few days ago. Since I feel awake even though it's past twelve, I guess I ought to reply to this. Here we go...

In the 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don't know about you. Then at the end you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I'm eating a chocolate-filled doughnut from Dunkin' Donuts right now.
2. I got 2.25 in Tech Prep for the first quarter but ended up with an 1 in the fourth quarter (Thanks to Nick.).
3. I can play/walk under the rain and never get sick. (Immunity is love.)
4. I didn't want to have Tech Skills as an "elective" at first but now it's fine with me.
5. Even though I have negative feelings towards the color pink, I wore a pink dress last summer because I was a sagala during Santacruzan. I even wore make-up and a small crown to go with it. (Can you imagine that?!)
6. I finished all of the Dunkin' Donuts. (My brothers are going to kill me later for this.)
7. I have a bad habit of biting my lips when I'm angry or nervous or confused.
8. I'm going to mass at 7:30 am later.

Okay, I'll get four people from Pisay and four from Poveda...I tag:
1. Oona Nery
2. Andie Reyes
3. Jelo Guerrero
4. Aldon Galido
5. Nikki Payawal
6. Bernie Rosario
7. Bea Fider
8. Carla Cucueco

There...I hope they actually reply to this.


FUN Day!!! ;
Friday, August 31, 20074:09 AM

Today is one of the best Fridays so far. Sure the Geometry long test took most of my mental energy for the day (Geom is one of my weak subjects.), and I couldn't see anything with my microscope during Biology (The light hates me.), but the rest of the day almost went my way (That rarely happens now.).

We had Filipino in the seminar room. Yay! There's air-con! It's too bad that I didn't bring some popcorn because I was quite hungry.

We had Soc Sci after Bio. After cramming the essay part of my homework, I tried to hyper cram for the graded recitation on Hinduism, just in case someone would get my class number. And it turned out that Ada did pick my number. I was nervous because I didn't know the answers to the questions that the people before me had to answer (Only Nick gave a sure answer.). The first question I got had something to do with the Law of Manu, which I did not know. The second one, by the grace of God, was about the unity and diversity in Hinduism. I wasn't 100% sure of my answer, but I said what I thought was right and Ma'am Ynigo told me I was quite close to the exact answer. YEY!

My morale went down a little during Com Sci because I made a lot of stupid mistakes regarding the floating-point values. Oh well...at least the room had air-con. :P

Chem was fine. I didn't get the lesson that well but TJ and other people helped me answer the problems using a way different from Ma'am Velasco's. But she still accepted my solutions so it was fine. Ada drew a comic strip where a dude shot the floating-point with a shotgun, which was quite funny to behold.

We swam again in PE. Sir made us do fifteen laps in fifteen minutes. It was fine. Tutti was extremely fast when we were swimming. So were Jasmine and Ada. I also got cramps in my right leg right after I finished the last lap. Perfect timing. Once the cramps were gone, we all headed to the deep part of the pool. I really enjoyed diving to the bottom of the pool, touching the ground with my hands and feet, and then kicking off to the surface again. Again, Tutti and Ada showed their prowess in diving/jumping.

We all headed to the seminar room again afterwards to take the personality test. Because we (girls) were late, we didn't practice anymore for any class presentation. I also went to the Guidance Center to see my study habits results. I'm glad that my study habits are average. Here's a big grin to show it: :D

Today was a really good day, even if swimming tired me a bit.

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I condemn Saturday classes. ;
Wednesday, August 29, 20074:02 AM

I do not like Saturday classes. (>.<) That means I only have Sunday to rest and cram. That means it's all work and little play, which really doesn't work for me (I'm one lazy procrastinator.). To make things harder, there are still a lot of class performances to practice. I refuse to have Sunday practices. No way am I going to let my free day disappear.

Thursday schedule will be followed on Saturday. That's just sad because that's one of the worst schedules for Champaca. At least Ma'am Orate believes that Saturday classes are a drag. She said that she won't be around to teach us on Saturday. So that means there won't be a lesson for Algebra. Seatwork only. :D

But still, I don't like Saturday classes. *glares at Geometry*

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Lost Passion ;
Monday, August 27, 20077:31 AM

Something is horribly wrong with me right now. It's something that I never thought I'd say.

I've lost my inspiration to write.

I'm not referring to my fanfics. I have to admit that those are very crappy. I'm referring to my other manuscripts. I have a lot of them.

I started writing when I was in the sixth grade because a friend of mine inspired me to write when she let me read her fanfics (during classes) and I never really stopped, until now. I wrote stories that came to my head. I wrote stories that no one else has ever seen. Some of them were inspired by true events such as Word War II. Others on the other hand were set in worlds that I created.

I never really got to finish them because another idea would come and I would write it down because I was afraid I would forget it. I swore to finish all of them and hopefully let my closest friends see them, but now I just can't. Nothing is entering my head right now. No new ideas. The only ideas I get seem to come from other books that I've read, and I don't want to copy them.

Something is wrong. Someone please help me.

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Sophomore Recollection ;
Saturday, August 25, 20078:31 AM

For the first time in so many Saturdays, I had to wake up early. I would have to admit that I had one of those "Why should I go to recollection anyway?" feelings. I was annoyed with the fact that the recollection happened on a Saturday. But then, I can say that I enjoyed the recollection. ^_^

So my section was paired with Dahlia. I'm not close to a lot of people from Dahlia, and I only know some people by name. Of course I've shared several conversations with Lordom (Who hasn't?) but that's basically it. I would have preferred Ilang-Ilang or Adelfa because Oona, Jil, Cleo, Lean, and Arriele are there but I guess everything turned out fine.

The activities seemed boring at first because it was all talk and no action. There were "bonding sessions" but I ended up straying away from my group because I was OP and no one seemed to want to talk anyway. I ended up playing dots with Ada after a while. We were also given a chance to confess our sins, but we had to go by groups. Even though it wasn't my group's turn, I was able to confess earlier than my groupmates because I went with Ada (I was OP with my group. They seriously do not like talking.). I just wanted to continue our game of dots, but the guy (forgot his name...he has white hair...a lot of white hair) told me to confess so it wouldn't be a waste of time. So, I confessed. Ada took a longer while because she and the priest had a discussion regarding abortion. XD

Nothing really interesting happened for a while. Our speaker just talked and I really started to fall asleep and wake up again every now and then. But we had another activity which really required good teamwork. Supposedly, we were all passengers in a plane that crashed and we (five people per group) had injuries such as not being able to use your limbs, blindness, not being able to talk, etc. We were required to make an SOS tower out of straws, tape and index cards because we were supposedly stranded on an island. My new groupmates (my real groupmates had their confession during the beginning of the activity) were: Ada (mute), Nick (blind), Yeyel (mute and can't use one of his arms), and Joel (same injuries with Yeyel, except on the other arm). I wasn't allowed to use my arms and legs but I was allowed to speak. Building the tower was hard, but my groupmates were very funny. Ada wanted to tell me a lot of things, but I couldn't make out of some of the things she was saying. Nick, whom I asked to cut tape for us, kept on saying things such as:

"Is that Ma'am Sagucio? How far is she?"

"How high is the tower?"

"Is it a leaning Tower of Piza?"


He also became a bit emo because he couldn't see anything. Yeyel tried to tell me to say things out loud to other people, but he was mute so he only used hand signals. He looked quite comical. I felt quite useless because I couldn't do anything to help them except tell them what to do. Our group also managed to "barter" with the "merchant" and so we got five more straws.

In the end, our tower was the tallest. It fell off when the "typhoon came" but it was fine because all of the other towers fell as well (XD). Ours also stood even when they raised it and dropped it. Hehe. It really was a fun activity.

We had the mass afterwards. Ada and I sat at the very back, and I was made to offer the letters of Champaca (I carried Jasmin's as well). It turns out that they're going to give them to our parents during the card-giving (Shoot. I did not take it seriously.). The recollection ended after that.

I went to SM North Edsa after that to watch "Pisay" again. My mom and my lola weren't able to see it and they were interested. Goma also came along because his entire family wanted to see the movie as well. I saw Gedrick and his family there as well. After the movie, we ate at Mexicali and went home.

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